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Like several appliance, air conditioners need somewhat TLC to deliver optimal performance. It’s the ACs that haven’t been kept in top-notch condition that tend to struggle most in hot weather.
o make sure you don’t lose your cool once the weather warms up, we requested the consultants at Client Experiences and air conditioner professionals to establish the commonest issues that crop up with window and central air conditioners. They highlighted eight issues to troubleshoot now. Plus, you’ll discover our record of prime air conditioners for small, medium, and enormous rooms, beneath.
The No. 1 problem affects both window units and central AC techniques, and—we’re pleased to report—it’s the simplest to fix. Here are eight questions to ask that will enable you to maintain your AC at peak performance all summer lengthy.
1. Is the Filter Soiled?
Irrespective of which kind of air conditioner you have got, a clogged filter restricts airflow, lowering effectivity and decreasing the ability to successfully cool the air. Should you haven’t cleaned the filter in your window or portable air conditioner recently, be sure you do and then examine it periodically. For central AC techniques, examine the filter manufacturer’s recommendation for when to swap in a brand new one. In CR’s assessments, filters last anyplace from three to 12 months.
Simply take into account that in case your system is operating continuously or when you have pets, you will need to alter your filters extra typically. “When we get calls about central air units that aren’t working effectively, 9 instances out of 10 it’s because of a grimy filter,” says Stewart Unsdorfer, owner of Central Heating & Air Conditioning in Cleveland.
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Window AC Guidelines
2. Is It Too Sunny Inside?
In case your window AC is in a window that will get direct sunlight in the warmth of the day, it’ll should work harder to cool your house. If in case you have a selection, move it to a shadier spot. If not, keep your shades and curtains drawn throughout the day to dam the sun and prevent it from heating up your own home. 
3. Is Warm Air Leaking In?
Test the seals round your window AC to make sure hot air isn’t getting in (or chilly air isn’t seeping out). Reseal around your unit with weather stripping if necessary.
“Most new window items come with insulation panels to place over the plastic adjustable side panels,” says Chris Regan, CR’s senior air conditioner tester. “But to maximize effectivity, you’ll nonetheless want to make use of weather stripping around the perimeter of the unit. And always use the manufacturer’s installation and security hardware.”
four. Is Your Window AC Vibrating?
Air conditioners make Go to this website plenty of noise, including from the whir of the fan and the sound of the compressor cycling on and off. These noises are normal. But when you hear a vibrating noise, it may imply that your unit was installed incorrectly. Make certain it’s sitting securely in the window and evaluation the installation instructions in your proprietor’s guide to confirm that no steps had been missed.

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